Travel Outfits

Many of you are travelling abroad for the holidays and whilst some of you are in the Northern hemisphere and enjoying blissful warmth, this travel outfit formula still applies, as I’ve never been on a plane where the temperature hasn’t dipped to polar extremes.

One thing is certain, and I’ve learnt this over the years, temperatures will rise and fall massively when travelling by air. Arrive at airport (cold), lugging bags and herding kids (or colleagues 😆) -hot, grab a drink – cold, walk 5 miles to boarding gate – hot, sit in plane for an hour – baking, mid-air – arctic 🥶 arrive at destination (if UK, cashmere stays on 😆)- heatwave.

The 7 essentials

Image (from left to right): Lightweight Cashmere scarf , Cashmere Sweatshirt, Backpack , Laceless Sneakers , Lightweight Parka with hood (very old Zara), Button-fly recycled cotton jeans (H&M), Striped T-Shirt (Country Road).

I’ve got you covered. It just takes a little planning and a backpack / tote with the essentials to hand. I prefer the former because I like to be hands-free with the kids in tow, but if you’re only heading away for a weekend, you can rest either bag on your carry-on suitcase for easy-wheeling.

Your outfit and items are planned for ease of layering, when needed, and ease of being folded and put away whilst on the move. As my kids have grown my carry-on has become smaller and smaller: a carry-on suitcase was really handy for baby supplies during mid and long-haul flights, but now I just want to travel as light as possible.

Add a small toiletry bag with teeny-tiny essentials (lipstick – essential for the illusion of a fresh face upon landing) so that overzealous security don’t confiscate anything beloved. On that note, always buy or fill your water bottle after the security gate. Place all travel and itinerary documents into a stylish wallet for ease of use and getting through immigration, boarding gates, etc. Put your electronics (kindle, ipad, laptop, chargers,etc.) at the front of your bag & that way you’ll be organised when you get to security and when you’re on the plane and sat down. Sunglasses should always be carried inside their case and I find it easier if they’re at the side of the bag for when needed. Cashmere scarf is best placed, rolled up, at the top of your bag so you can grab it when the cabin temperature plummets.

Optional extras are cashmere socks and beanie. For long haul, I pull the beanie down over my face and go to sleep!

Now to order a drink, wrap up in your cashmere scarf and read a magazine cover-to-cover. This outfit works across all sections of the plane; granted, if you’re in the First cabin you have plenty of room to change into your sleepwear 😆

Bon voyage!

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